GEP S.A. provides Safety Engineers for the prevention of accidents at work, management of emergency as well as implementation of safety methods that are essential for the improvement of employees’ safety. In its projects’ deployment the diversity of cases, the volatility of collected information and the need for accuracy are apparent. Therefore, the challenge to automate inspections’ integrity and correctness for the production of highly important preventive measures through intuitive reporting, justified the use of new technologies.


The      successful      implementation      of Mobiq & Stat would provide solution to the above challenges. Therefore, GEP decided to launch the project for the daily opera tions to its site-engineers through mobile  surveys and check-lists on smart mobile devices (Android OS). Having the flexibility, accuracy and speed the site-engineers:

  • Monitor and inspect safety of buildings and the corresponding installations
  • Inspect, record and survey accidents at work
  • Assess physical, chemical and biological agents in the working environment
  • Propose measures for the preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Propose safe methods for the implementation of production procedures
  • Propose the personal protection means that are necessary for the safety of employees
  • Propose ergonomic and general improvements for the working environment.

Diastasys has delivered the above project with its Mobiq & Stat Application for Mobile Surveys and Statistical Analysis in order to satisfy the specific requirements of GEP in collecting, delivering, analyzing and producing meaningful results with as minimum human intervention as possible.


Mobiq combined with Stat constitute the ideal solution designed for specific needs of collecting and analyzing data for every enterprise that requires internally, full lifecycle design, organization, management and analysis of surveys data originating from various heterogeneous data sources. Mobiq’s functionality manages to remotely and wirelessly


By making Mobiq&Stat a valuable technology tool GEP S.A. has acquired the capacity to run inspections timely, accurately and error-free, by means of automated processes, producing, the end of every cycle, Occupational Hazard Reports along with the required preventive proposals.


“Health & Safety of human capital and the alleviation of occupational hazards are of great importance to all our clients. We, as a specialized company in this domain, have found a technology partner through which we have added great value to our provision of services. Speed, accuracy, and production of quick meaningful results for site-surveys gave us the power to remain a valued partner to the industries that entrust us for our professional services”.

George Lambrinos, Vice President